Friday, November 30, 2007

Chicken Breast Supreme

This is Paul's recipe and it's great! It's my favorite dish he makes.

1 Tbsp butter 1 can cr of chicken soup
4 chicken breasts ¼ c. water
¼ c. green onion, chopped pepper
1 c. Swiss cheese, shredded
(I use about 3-4 slices of swiss cheese instead of buying a big block)

Melt butter in skillet. Brown chicken on both sides. (or just boil chicken and cut it up in small pieces then....) Add onion, stir in soup diluted with water. Season w/ pepper. Reduce heat, simmer covered for 20 minutes. Remove chicken to plates. Add cheese to sauce remaining in skillet, stir until melted. Pour sauce over chicken & garnish with green onions. Serve over rice.

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