Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bacon & Potato Salad

Small bag russet potatoes (about 15)
4 eggs, hard boiled
1 lb. bacon; very crispy (keep the grease)
2 big Tbs. mayonnaise
1 big Tbs. miracle whip
Tiny quirt of mustard
White pepper, to taste

Boil potatoes with skin on in salt water until soft but slightly hard

While potatoes are boiling, cook bacon and boil eggs

Peel potatoes and cut into small chunks

Pour bacon grease over potatoes and mix until desired consistency

Mix together miracle whip, mayonnaise and mustard; add to potatoes

Add white pepper to taste

Crumble bacon and chop eggs over top and lightly mix

**This is Nicki Norman's recipe. I have yet to make it as good as she did. Well, actually I believe it was always Mike that cooked. Her husband was the best cook! Anyway, it's really good!

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